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Frequently Asked Questions

This section includes a bank of the most frequently asked questions from our clients and partners. We answer them in detail and clarify certain points that may be ambiguous for you. If these answers do not meet your needs, please contact us directly by email so that we can help you!


Why would I need a business plan to start my business?

A business plan is the best tool for turning an idea into a real and viable business. It helps structure your project, whether it is to create a new business or explore a growth opportunity. The business plan is also required to obtain financing. In fact, to obtain a grant, a loan, a subsidy or an investment, a business plan is the document that will be used to convince investors and lenders to finance your business. It will be used to present the broad outlines of the project as well as demonstrate the feasibility and profitability of the project. 


Why would I use Kavani's services instead of doing the plan myself?

By choosing Kavani's services, you get the knowledge and experience of business professionals that will maximize your chances of getting financing. Our experts have experience with entrepreneurs in addition to in-depth knowledge of accounting and finance. We know how to present the different projects to attract the eye of financiers and investors while giving you the best tools and advice for the success of your business. The business plans that we propose to you will take into account your vision while demonstrating the viability of your project in the context of the current market and reflecting the realities of your industry. 


How can I be sure that the quality of the work will be there?

Our writing process has been proven over time.. The rigor, structure and relevance of the different sections are, unequivocally, the ingredients that are essential to us in the production of quality work. From the first contacts, we analyze in detail the current situation of the client. A survey of 30+ questions on your project must be duly completed. A preliminary meeting is organized to clarify ambiguous points and ensure understanding of the project as a whole. Subsequently, we keep in touch with the client throughout the writing process to make sure that the business plan. At the handover, our team presents all sections of the business plan including analysis and financial forecast. To this end, a question period is allocated at the end of the meeting to answer all questions. Following the submission, the client can request five iterations, in particular to replace a hypothesis or add additional information. The formula is a success and the high level of satisfaction from our customers is a proof of that.


Why should I do business with your firm?

Quite simply because we care about the satisfaction of our customers. We are entrepreneurs at heart and we are convinced that we can make a difference in the success of your project. We firmly believe that our knowledge and experience in the areas of accounting, finance and IT add value to our advice and our service. We pay attention to details and want to build long-term business relationships. By choosing to do business with us, you get outstanding services, but you also access to a network of entrepreneurs. Our clients are in diverse industries and sectors. They also offer services to individuals or directly to businesses. Our referrals may help you acquire new clients, find a supplier or even a business partner. Our vision is to build a community of entrepreneurs who can help each other and grow together.


I can't understand why I would go with the premium plan when the standard plan meets the majority of my needs?

The different categories of business plans we currently offer have been designed to meet recurring profiles. It's entirely possible that a plan in a lower category will adequately meet your criteria. Therefore, it is not necessary to choose a premium plan in a situation where the standard plan would meet most of your needs. Initially, the Kavani team will make sure, following an in-depth analysis of your needs, to offer you a business plan adapted to your situation. In uncertainty, our consultants are always available to answer your concerns. However, the final decision is yours and will be respected.


How can Kavani provide me with guidance or consulting services when I am the founder of my company and I know my industry?

Kavani's team is composed of experts in the field of accounting, finance and entrepreneurship.. This expertise will allow us to assist you in the various operational or strategic decisions that you will have to make. Plus, you'll be able to count on a fresh eye in analyzing your business while ensuring that the most important considerations have been taken into account.


A few months ago, I opted for a basic plan. However, I found that this was not enough to secure the required funding from my investors. Is it possible to upgrade for a standard plan?

Yes, it's possible ! In such a situation, a meeting will be organized with one of our team members to determine the extent of the enhancement that must be done. For example, if the essence of your business has not changed since the basic plan was written, we will be able to write you a standard plan and you will only be charged the price difference between the two plans. On the other hand, if we consider that the structure of your company significantly changed since the last drafting, the full price of the new plan will be charged.


I am hesitating to share my idea. Can I trust you?

Our company and our business model are based on the trust that our customers have in us. We are aware of the importance of protecting your ideas since they are your intellectual property. Moreover, all of our associates are governed by the CPA Order. The Code of Ethics clearly states that we are bound by professional secrecy and that we can be punished by law if we violate this principle.

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