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Kavani Group Inc.

Who are we ?

Kavani Group is a business firm specializing in services for entrepreneurs. We mainly offer the creation of a business plan to help you start your project or grow your business. Our support approach aims to provide services according to the highest quality standards.

Our philosophy

We believe that entrepreneurship is the purest form of creativity, because entrepreneurs are able to influence the world around us and make it evolve to their image. However, despite the revolutionary ideas that emerge, many entrepreneurs fail in execution due to the lack of a structured action plan and because they are not surrounded by the right people. At Kavani Group, we address this problem by offering our expertise to help entrepreneurs achieve their goals and face all the challenges they will encounter. We aim to be a catalyst for change by enabling entrepreneurs to focus on their company's mission and vision. All of this, with the goal of helping you build a future shaped to your own image.

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Valdy Deriston, CPA, CFA

Valdy Deriston holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration with a concentration in accounting as well as a Specialized Graduate Diploma in Professional Accounting – CPA. A member of the Quebec Order of Chartered Professional Accountants, he also holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. Passionate about finance and management accounting, Valdy has the qualities required to meet the different needs of businesses. Whether it's writing a business plan for a future loan application or helping you make the tough decisions to ensure the proper growth of your business, Valdy is ready to tackle any problem. As a founding member of the Kavani Group, he will be able to convince you that your choice in selecting the Kavani Group was the right one.


Nick Patrick  Saint-Julien, CPA, CFA, M.Sc.

Having completed a Bachelor and a Master degree in Professional Accounting from HEC Montreal, Nick-Patrick has helped many entrepreneurs create and grow their businesses. His master's supervised project was on business creation and business plans, and he advised entrepreneurs at the National Bank Entrepreneurship Institute. An entrepreneur himself, he holds a certificate in business creation from the Montreal School of Entrepreneurship. Throughout his career, he has been able to support entrepreneurs by providing management consulting services as well as tax advices through his company Fiscalité Express S.E.N.C. Nick-Patrick is a person who has a deep knowledge of the business world and will be able to assist you in the success of your project. As he says so well, the success of a business is a good idea well executed. You have the ideas; he will guide you in the execution of your projects.


Kader Kedadouche, CPA

Calm and thoughtful by nature, Kader constantly strives for excellence. He has an analytical mind and presents himself as a fine strategist. In a team environment, he is a leader and pushes people to give the best of themselves. With a Bachelor's degree and a Specialized Graduate Diploma in Professional Accounting from HEC Montréal. Kader holds the CPA designation. Co-founder and partner of the Kavani Group, he brings a wind of creativity to the organization. In constant search of ideas, he helps companies stay competitive in the industry. His perfectionist streak ensures that Kavani delivers the highest standards of quality. Kader is passionate about business, information technology and entrepreneurship.

Contact us!

Contact one of our experts to discuss your project and determine the business plan best suited to your needs and those of your lender. The first consultation is totally free !

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